• May overcomes vote of no confidence, tries to break Brexit from impasse

    British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday broke a vote of no confidence in parliament and called on lawmakers to unite to break the impasse over the Brexit deal. 325 parliamentarians voted for confidence in the May government, and 306 were against. Since lawmakers fail to reach agreement on further actions, the United Kingdom may

  • British Parliament did not accept Brexit agreement

    The House of Commons of the Parliament of Great Britain did not support the agreement on Brekzitu, which was proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May. 202 deputies voted for the document, and 432 voted against. Thus, the parliament did not accept the draft May with a margin of 230 votes, which was the largest loss

  • Reasons for increase in metal prices. Prospects for the metallurgical market

    The positive dynamics of prices for precious metals and metals of the non-ferrous group in world markets is breaking long-term records. Zinc, aluminum, nickel, gold are rapidly increasing in price, and this is mainly due to the development of the Chinese economy. The reasons for the rise in metal prices are also related to the

  • Investment companies: allies or competitors

    More recently, the word “investment”, a term that came from the English language and means “placement of capital with subsequent profit,” was increasingly used in the post-Soviet space. Soon for those who have studied the market of investment companies in detail, the aftertaste of the western word has disappeared, the essence of what an investment

  • Statement by Ilona Mask and the reasons for Tesla’s departure from the exchange

    Many people are still haunted by the post from Elon Musk on August 7 of this year, which made a lot of noise. Is it true that Ilon Mask is going to leave the exchange and what could be the consequences of such an act for him and for the company? Perhaps we are dealing

  • Godsend for small investors – day-trading

    The execution of operations in the foreign exchange market entails certain risks, which stops novice players. Currency day-trading helps to avoid failures. This Forex trading strategy allows to trade transactions within one trading day, without leaving open positions and not transferring them the next day. Let’s analyze what is day-trading. This type of trading on

  • Money-management and its impact on the trader’s results

    The money management process involves the use of a set of rules, methods and techniques, each of which involves achieving maximum profit. This is money-management. It also has a downside, or, more correctly, another component of this multifaceted process – the use of risk management. It allows to ensure a balance between the process of

  • Interventions in the foreign exchange market – relevant information

    Currency intervention in Russia is carried out by the Central Bank, to adjust the exchange rates by buying or selling foreign money. This allows to monitor the situation in the foreign exchange market and minimize the negative consequences of sharp price hikes. The decision to initiate an intervention has been taken by the Ministry of