Course for beginners

Get acquainted with profitable methods of trade in currencies, current directions in the market and why you are a participant of that direction.

Tools for trade

Let’s share checked strategy of trade with additional tools of the Unitmarkets company
Let’s tell how to become a leading professional trader.

CFD agreements and valuable share papers

Begin to study the world of trade: open all subtleties of financial market, open information interesting you and changes happening in this market.


Receive a concept about the main terms which will help you to closer get acquainted with cryptocurrency / Forex.


The guide to trade in the exchange and stock markets

Find out how the world’s largest financial market as there is the main trade in currencies is complex, and what strategy for risk management exists.

Reference book on trade in contracts for difference

Learn all nuances of CFD trade, with bright examples and technical market research.

Guide to trade

Study the main terms connected with cryptocurrencies/Forex and where to apply them.